Zenith MMA fighter wins debut!

We recently had a Zenith Jiu Jitsu student win an MMA fight! Dan Bouchard, training out of Driven Zenith BJJ/MMA in Midland ON made his Amateur MMA debut Feb 21 in Saulte St. Marie, Michigan. Dan was awarded his Blue belt by Robert in September 2014 and has had a great training camp over the past few months. He was eager to have this fight after having a couple opponents back out, moved up in weight and met his opponent at a catch weight of 220lbs. He fought a very worthy and experienced opponent who already had 4 amateur fights (2-2) under his belt. Dan stuck to the game plan of standing and striking to wear out his opponent in the first round. In the second Dan was pressed up against the cage, reversed his position and landed a heavy right dropping his opponent to the mat. Dan stayed composed and finished his opponent with flurry of accurate strikes eventually taking his back, flattening him out and winning by TKO! Dan is a 35yr old, father of two and High School teacher who now has a taste and looks forward to his next MMA fight.Congrats to Dan and everyone at Driven MMA!

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